International designer’s comments about me

What I appreciate about the poster design of Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi is that he does not stick with one style; he adapts to the brief to create impactful and diverse visuals that connect to society. Hossein has created many posters for cinema, cultural events, exhibitions and social issues which showcases his unique way to send clear messages in a creative way.An important aspect of the work of Hossein is organizing the International Festival of Posterrorism, which is an internationally recognized poster competition and exhibition. It is one thing to be a poster designer; it is another thing to be an organizer of a poster event. Both are difficult tasks that require different skills and attributes; this is to be admired in any designer.

Christopher Scott
Presidente / Ecuador Poster Bienal ®
Professor of Graphic Design / Universidad UTE
Quito, Ecuador


It is my honor to introduce Mr. Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi.His posters feature simple forms and expressions, understated colors, and well-chosen typography.Although it is the material for posters that everyone uses,The posters of Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi, he has hidden messages that communicate with those subjects.I think this is the concept for his poster design. Such a concept can be said to appear well in book design and logo. In other words, it’s like designing a book that doesn’t have to be read as if looking at a poster.I salute him for his wide range of activities at a young age, such as being invited to works at numerous international exhibitions and working as a jury member.

kye-soo Myung
Graphic designer and professor
Emeritus professor at Konkuk University
Seoul, South Korea


For me Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi is a young designer from Iran who is very active and influential in various activities related to the design world. As Organizing Event & Exhibition, Member of Jury, Member of various designer groups and also as a prominent designer from a Muslim country. The works of Poster Design, Logo Design and Book Design are simple but have a strong concept and modern character, describing the work of a modern Muslim designer. With a background as a graphic arts graduate, it is appropriate that the works of Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi win many awards both locally and internationally

Graphic Designer
Visual Communication Design Lecturer
Jakarta, Indonesia


Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi has proved – with his extensive organizational and creative activity in the last decade – his well-established place in the global design industry.The unique value of his works: posters, logos and book-designs – you will find in the diversification of search methods, and also in the combining Persian traditions with a universal international style, all filtered through his individual way of creating visual messages.His international organizational activity has allowed to integrate creative environments of different cultures, exchange experiences, start or develop careers of designers from around the world. This is a priceless contribution to our global creative community.

Stefan Lechwar
Designer and Design Educator
Lecturer at Uniwersytet Slaski w Katowicach
Bytom, Poland


Mr. Vahidi is a very talented and accomplished designer. His work transcends cultural and language barriers. Especially his poster designs. I find the conceptual nature of his poster work to be powerful as well as meaningful. I appreciate the multiple styles he uses to communicate these concepts. This diversity of image keeps his work fresh and appropriate to the subjects he covers. As a non-Farsi speaking person, I am still able to deeply appreciate the nature of his work and find it both compelling and beautiful.

Eric Boelts
Graphic Designer
Owner, Brain Bolts Design and University Lecturer
Colorado, USA


Hossein are an excellent graphic designer and poster designer and poster artist. He have the courage of Her opinions, He have a global outlook, Hor Her messages come out. And then he have a great ability to organize, poster exhibitions with many of her international poster artist friends. I’m glad you’re one of my poster designer friends.

Peder Stougaard
Collector and Danish Visual Artist
Founder of the Danish poster Museum at Billedkunstner
Aarhus, Denmark


Hossein is a great designer with a sharp look at things. I admire his courage to express his position. I admire his energy thanks to which he creates various actual poster exhibition and competitions, and other important design events! I wish him success in his creative activity and will be a great pleasure to follow his creativity!

Helen Baranovska
Graphic Designer
President of COW International Design Festival
Dnipro, Ukraine


It is a pleasure to engage stridently with the work and social activism of  Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi. Passionate artists and designers speak with the voice of their conscience, in a world of increasing economic disparity, class warfare, racism and emotional and intellectual disruptions, Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi’s diverse body of work challenges all of us to rethink and reimagine more humane and equitable personal interactions with our fellow human beings. Hossein’s book design, poster design, exhibition design and global cooperation positions him as one of Iran’s premier visual communicators.

Martin R. Mendelsberg
Designer and Design Educator
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Denver, Colorado USA