Exhibition of Festival of Ayatollahs Ti Ti / Iran / 2012

According to the Public Relations Office of Gilan Islamic Culture and Guidance, Hamid Nikroo, Director General of Gilan Islamic Culture and Guidance, on the evening of Sunday, March 4, 2012, on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition, said that the Holy Quran is a sky full of stars that can guide this life and the hereafter Be human beings, he said: one must know the deep meanings of the Holy Quran.
He stated that the Holy Quran is full of artistic symbols and signs, and specified: The thematic capacity of the Holy Quran is great.
According to this cultural official, millions of subjects in the fields of filmmaking, theater, graphics, visual arts, fiction, etc. can be obtained from the verses of the Qur’an.
Nikro pointed to the appropriate activities of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance in the field of Quran and said: “A good strategy has been developed to promote and spread Quranic culture in the country.”
Artistic methods are the best way to promote Quranic culture
He considered artistic methods as the best way to promote Quranic culture in the society and added: “Production and creation of different works of Quranic art can be done in the form of different artistic groups.”
The Director General of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Gilan, pointed to the holding of a large festival of Quranic verses in various fields in the provinces of the country and reminded: In this regard, the graphic section and drawing of the National Festival of Quranic Verses has been assigned to Gilan.
He continued by stating that the National Festival of Quranic Graphic Verses named “Allah Tuti” will be held in Gilan: This festival has two sections: posters and illustrations.
Nikro pointed to the objectives of holding the “Allah Tutti” National Festival and added: “This festival aims to evaluate and recognize cultural and artistic capacities with the focus on Quranic teachings, pave the way and create a suitable platform for artists to communicate with long Quranic concepts, propagate and publish Quranic concepts with” The use of the language of art is held.
He encouraged artists to create lasting works inspired by Quranic teachings, the growth and promotion of religious art, introducing the latest achievements of contemporary Iranian visual arts, promoting communication between contemporary Iranian artists and identifying active contemporary artists. Rasht mentioned.
Submission of 473 works to “Allah Atiyah Ati” Festival
The official covered the themes of Allah Titi Festival, including the Holy Quran, the lives of the prophets, the image of man in the Quran, the Resurrection, heaven and hell in the Quran, the free theme inspired by Quranic teachings, the Week of Unity named after the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and the commandment of the famous. Prohibition of denial stated.
He specified: A total of 473 works from 173 artists have been sent to the secretariat of the National Festival of Quranic Graphic Verses “Allah Ati T”.
Presence of 99 works in the exhibition “Allah Titi”
Nikro stated that 312 works in the poster section and 161 works in the illustration section were sent to the festival secretariat, noting that 54 poster works and 45 illustration works were selected for the final judging stage and to participate in the exhibition.
The Director General of Islamic Culture and Guidance of Gilan listed the total number of works in the “Allah Tutiyyah” exhibition as 99 works by different artists from all over the country and specified: In each section, three selected works will be awarded statues, plaques and prizes.
Referring to the duties of the media in promoting Quranic knowledge, he noted: The media should strive to promote Quranic culture to innovate, strengthen, promote and provide accurate information.
Nikro considered it necessary to feel the responsibility of all organizations, institutions and individuals in promoting Quranic culture.
According to him, if the Qur’an has an effective presence in the lifestyle of human beings, many problems will be solved.

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