Exhibition of Traffic Culture Poster / Tehran Municipality / 2011

The jury of the festival introduced the poster culture of the traffic of the winners of this festival.
The text of the jury’s statement is as follows:
The jury of the Traffic Culture Poster Festival, despite the good evaluation of many of the works received by the Secretariat, did not consider the overall quality of the posters to be equal to its large volume and forcibly removed more than half of the submitted works from the competition. With 253 judging works, he started the exhibition section, of which 65 works in the call section and 25 works in the workshop section went to the screening stage according to the given scores. It lasted more than two hours with the presence of all members of the jury, according to which the jury of the festival consisting of Onish Amin Elahi, Mohammad Ardalani, Arash Tanhaei and Majid Kashani after three stages of online and face-to-face judging the works of the following designers He deserves recognition.
The commendation plaque is awarded to Ahmad Azizpour’s collection of works due to his keen eye and search for traffic signs.
A plaque of appreciation for paying attention to the idea and observing the graphic standards of the works in general to Iman Khaksar
A plaque of appreciation is awarded to Bahareh Irvani for the impact of the work on the general public
Mohammad Adnani is presented with a plaque of appreciation for his clever and creative approach to well-known symbols
And the last plaque of appreciation will be awarded to Mohammad Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi for choosing a practical and informative subject and a visual expression.

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