International Call for entries Poster For Memory Flight 752 Ukraine / Iran / 2020

The call was made only to commemorate the crash of a Ukrainian flight.The call for the event was released in late January 2020. The event was well received and a total of 710 posters were sent to the Secretariat.The global jury of this event is composed of: Finn Nygaard from Denmark / Onish Amin Elahi from Iran / Helen Baranovska from Ukraine / Naser Nasiri from Iran / Peter Bankov from Russia / Farshid ParsiKia from Iran / Irwan harnoko From Indonesia and also the secretary of this event was Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi.
Several prominent international designers were also invited to design posters for the event
*Eventually, Due to the readiness of everything, the opening of this exhibition was suddenly opposed

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