Invited to International invitational Exhibition ( Heilongjiang University Museum) / South korea – China / 2019

Universal Design Center at Kangnam University in Uijeongbu, Gyeonggi KR (President Prof. Chey Ho-Chyun) together with the Creative China Design Association (Executive Chairman Zhang Zhenfu) organized an international poster exhibition of South Korean and Chinese designers with invited foreign designers. This testifies not only to the ever-increasing popularity of the poster in the Far East, but also to the breaking down of barriers between nations and states.The exhibition was attended by 53 Koreans and 145 Chinese, as well as 34 invited designers from 17 countries, from the SBB Jan Rajlich, who were to create a poster on the theme of Peace.The premiere of the exhibition was scheduled for China (Heilongjiang University Museum CN, 8 July> 13 July 2019) and the rerun will be in South Korea in early autumn (Uijeongbu Arts Center KR, 25 September> 1 October 2019).

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