Invited to the International Earthquake Poster Exhibition (color of Love) / Iran / 2017

According to Mashhadfori, the International Invitational Exhibition of the Colored Love Poster was held on March 3, with the aim of presenting it to the children of the Kermanshah earthquake in Neishabour.”Image language is the closest aspect of human communication in today’s world to the age when the language of words has become incomprehensible,” the exhibition said in part. A world mixed with suffering and death. That is why the image expresses the common dimension of human beings, that is, common sufferings, common calamities, and, in the beginning, death. What is at stake, however, is the connection between human beings today and the understanding of a duty of humanity called the encroachment of one another; Equality and unity in the face of humanity.
So we stood at this point and in one of the examples of suffering, that is, the children of the Kermanshah earthquake, we tied our hands together and played the role of human suffering with the language of image; And in all sorts of images, we chose the mind-blowing scheme, that is, the poster, so that the visual narrator could be recorded from our union in suffering and our presence in the history of earthquakes on this earth. ”
The event will be held for a week at the Simorgh Cultural Center in Neishabour.

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