Invited to the International Poster Exhibition of Iranian Garden / USA / 2016

The “Iranian Garden” poster exhibition was part of the “Beyond Borders” exhibition at Illinois State University.
The exhibition, which includes posters designed by Iranian professional graphic designers and the younger generation of students, was compiled last year by Mehrdad Sedaghat and Onish Amin Elahi and hosted by Laden Bahmani.
The text of the poster for the exhibition “Beyond Borders” reads: “With a very different aesthetic from American designers, these posters are designed by people who grew up in very different economic, social and political environments.”
The themes of these posters range from political and social issues to business or personal design.
This exhibition will be an opportunity to show once again how graphic design creates an excuse for people and nations to get closer to each other, while politics these days is acting differently.
It should be noted that this exhibition was held last year in the gallery of 114 departments of art, art history and design of Michigan State University of America.
Names of professional and student participants in the “Iranian Garden” exhibition: The late Professor Morteza Momayez, Farshid Mesghali, Ebrahim Haghighi, Tahereh Mohebbi Taban, Saed Moshki, Majid Abbasi, Farzad Adibi, Bijan Seifuri, Kourosh Parsanjad, Kianoosh Gharibpour, Ali Abedi , Kourosh Ghazi Morad, Sirus Salimi, Mehdi Mohammadi, Alireza Vakili Varjoui, Onish Amin Elahi, Hojjat Mojarad, Parisa Tashkari, Fatemeh Karkhabadi, Hassan Musazadeh, Majid Kashani, Iman Al Mozaffar, Mehrdokht Darabi, Mehdi Fatehi, Mehdi Mehdian, Ehsan Mahdavi, Amir Hossein Ghouchi Beyk, Arash Tanhaei, Farshid Parsi Kia, Mohammad Ardalani, Hiva Pashaei, Pouria Ariani, Saleh Zanganeh, Rasoul Kamali, Left Studio China, Mahmoud Bazdar, Reza Babajani, Laden Bahmani, Mehrdad Sedaghat, Behnam Reisian, Hossein Mohammadi Vahidy, Hossein Derakhshani, Hamed Adalati, Samaneh Kameli, Ali Kordi, Alireza Vaziri, Hossein Yazdi, Alireza Askarifar, Alireza Beit Elahi, Dariush Allah Yari, Davood Kolahdozan, Effat Rashedi, Erfan Jamshidi, Farid Nami, Farzad Saeedi, Farzad Saeedi, Fatemeh Hakimi Rad , Hamid Aghdasi Yazdali, Hoda Baghbani, Morteza Hraeini, Mehdi Ashkani, Mehdi Mirahmadi, Meqdad Shir Ali, Mina Nasliani, Mohammad Rasoul Asgari, Mohsen Aam L, Mohsen Heidari, Hossein Eskandari.

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