Member of the Selection Board of the 6th Persian Gulf Festival / Iran / 2016

Mohammad Ardalani (Executive Secretary of the 6th International Persian Gulf Poster Festival) stated that in the various stages of the selection of works, 31 works made their way to the exhibition in the competition section; He said: “70 people have registered in the workshop section of the festival and 20 people have entered the workshop, and by predicting the works of foreign guests, a total of 20 works in the form of posters, typography, illustration and design on clothes will be displayed.”
Ardalani said: “The selection committee and the jury of this festival are among the prominent masters of graphic design in countries such as Egypt, the United States, Greece, Ecuador and South Korea.”
The Executive Secretary of the 6th International Persian Gulf Poster Festival said: The opening ceremony of the exhibition of the works of the 6th International Persian Gulf Poster Festival and appreciation of the winners will be held at Ferdows Cultural Center on the eve of the 8th of Ordibehesht.
He noted that the prelude to the exhibition and the selection of works submitted to the exhibition in the foreign section are Beung Choi (South Korea), Comrade Al-Mansi (Egypt), Maria Papifstachio (Greece), Anwar Oshkin (Turkey) and in the internal section Iraj Mirza Alikhani, Arash Tanhaei, Homa Delorai and Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi were in charge.
He continued: Finn Nigard (Denmark), Serge Servo (Russia), Richard B. Double Dee (USA), Orhan Ardahanli (Turkey), Richard Caja (Poland), Ebrahim Haghighi and Mohammad Ardalani from Iran were introduced as the judges of this festival, who are responsible for selecting the top rankings and the winners of the awards.
Regarding the awards, Ardalani said: “The statue of the festival, the plaque of honor and the cash prize of 40, 30 and 20 million rials have been considered for the first three winners.”
Bijan Pourmand, Head of Culture of Ferdows Hall, added: “The 6th National and International Persian Gulf Poster Festival is being held by the Cultural and Artistic Management of District 5 of Tehran Municipality Cultural and Artistic Organization in cooperation with the” Persian Gulf “Foundation and Nomana Art Group.” .
He said: “After 10 years of the regional uprising in the Persian Gulf countries against the territorial integrity of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the beautiful word Fars has been removed and replaced by Arabs. It is the national and religious duty of the general public to preserve this Set boundaries and engrave the valuable name of the Persian Gulf around the world.
He said that one of the goals of the festival was to pay attention to Iran’s Iranian and national identity: comprehensive defense of Iran’s territorial integrity, protection and preservation of the ancient identity of the Persian Gulf, effective and lasting impact on the world stage with powerful tools of culture and art. Ghani Irani, the development of the visual taste of the Iranian audience and attracting the attention of the world’s awakened conscience to the long-standing Persian identity of the Persian Gulf and the three islands are other goals of the festival.

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