Invited to International Commonweal Poster Design (the warm of city) Invitational Exhibition / China /2020

A sudden new coronavirus infection pneumonia spread from Wuhan to the whole country. “Life is heavier than Mount Tai, the epidemic is the order, and prevention and control is the responsibility.” The raging epidemic affects the hearts of everyone. At this moment when we are all together and fighting against the epidemic, the Jiaxing Artists Association and the Zhejiang Sea Graphic Designers Alliance jointly launched the “City Temperature-2020 Fight Against” New Coronavirus “Charity Poster Invitation Exhibition” event, using our most sincere enthusiasm , The most intelligent creativity, record and create the public welfare propaganda works that best reflect the current scientific prevention and control, unite together, and fight against the epidemic, unite together, work together, and work together to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible! Visual design and other related matters, 72 hours of aggregation. Convened 11 cooperative media, 15 colleges, 41 national associations, 224 domestic designers, 17 foreign designers and 200 college students. Behind each number, all There is a group of sincere people who are willing to dedicate their efforts to fight against the epidemic and let our spirit stand together. More than a thousand designers and art workers have actively participated. While paying tribute to the front-line workers, we also want to thank everyone for their active and Efforts. During this period, a large number of media reprinted the international charity poster design invitation exhibition, and related organizations, well-known designer Da V and celebrities from all walks of life expressed solidarity. Rising, this is a special moment, it is full of fear, but obviously, it is more hope and light. Those who are sick and caring for others are moving; those who go to the front line are moving. The Chinese face difficulties. The unity and tenacity of the time is the foundation of our nation’s genes; it is the temperature of our thousands of cities. May the epidemic no longer wreak havoc, and the spring will bloom.

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