Invited to International Public Welfare Poster Design Invitational Exhibition of (nCoV 19) / China / 2020

An epidemic at the end of 2019 will affect everyone’s heart. After General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the meeting on February 23, 2020 to jointly promote the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic situation and economic and social development, Jiaxing City Federation of Cultures and Arts held a special meeting to study the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping ’s important speech and contact To control the actual situation of the work, deploy the literary artists associations under the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art to carry out the special creation work. Engage in the fight against epidemic in an artistic way and practice social responsibility. The Jiaxing Artists Association, together with the City Cultural Center and Jiaxing Art Museum, and the Zhejiang Sea Graphic Designers Union “for the first time, unite together and bring together wisdom” to issue an initiative to national designers to create in the form of posters. In just one month, we received a total of 3,140 pieces (pieces) of effective works from 15 universities, 11 designer associations, 16 design institutes and the media in the country. They celebrated the bright and eulogizing era in the form of posters. Among them, 36 were overseas designers, and more than 60 were local designers in Jiaxing. They jointly portrayed the touching story of “anti-epidemic prevention and control”, and jointly participated in the torrent of times of “resuming work and resuming production”.Although these works are not well-thought-out creations, they are the concerns and voices of the times and reality in a special period; they are the rational thinking of designers after observing and reflecting on events. They put into action the fight against epidemic and epidemic prevention, recorded heroes and touching scenes with pens, expressed the sincere praise of frontline scientists and medical workers against the epidemic, and the aid personnel of all parties. “Anti-epidemic spirit.The more than 500 works exhibited this time show the magnificence of the torrents of the times from one side and highlight the glory of the Chinese nation in times of crisis. Among them, dozens of works were selected by the Provincial Federation of Literature and Art, and hundreds of works were selected and reprinted by provincial and municipal media such as “Literary and Artistic Jiaxing”, “Jiaxing Daily”, Dujia · Humanities.The epidemic situation is a disaster, and the fight against it is an opportunity.The anti-epidemic deeds are the most vivid national education course, and the “anti-epidemic story” is also the most vivid “Chinese story”. Telling Chinese stories well requires the actions of every citizen, and literary and artistic workers must use high-quality creations to play an indirect and lasting role. Literary and artistic creation can not only inspire morale and inspire people, but also reflect the times and integrate into the trend. Using deep historical insights, true social perception, sharpening and refining in the event, combining historical truth and soul induction, creating excellent works with thought, value and temperature.Today, the “2020 Second City Art Biennial” in the form of a national anti-epidemic special national public welfare poster invitation exhibition, to show everyone the national people’s anti-epidemic deeds “together in one boat, connected to flesh and blood”, expressing the “common spirit” of 1.4 billion people “Let the branches wait for the flowers to bloom”.

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