Invited to SPEAK UP POSTER! International Invitational Poster Exhibition / Mexico – Ecuador / 2017 – 2018

Speak Up Poster! International Invitational Poster Exhibition
A fantastic exhibition taking place in Córdoba, Veracruz, has invited talented designers from all over the world to participate in an a series of exhibitions that will begin in Mexico and travel to different countries around the world. The Speak Up Poster! International Invitational Poster Exhibition is a collective of designers and illustrators founded and directed by graphic designer Luis Yáñez with which it seeks to promote social mobility in all areas of society. The project is an initiative when contacts are made with designers and illustrators from other parts of the world with the same social concerns.The first exhibition presents 38 posters by 35 designers from 18 countries with the theme “DANGEROUS WORLD NOW, A BETTER WORLD TOMORROW”.
The complete collection is composed of 65 posters from 30 countries and will be presented in the month of October at the World Congress of Visual Communication of the Ecuador Poster Bienal 2018 in the city of Quito, Ecuador. Likewise, the catalog will be presented and the new call will be launched.
Exhibition Schedule:
Opens 8th Dec. 2017 at La Galleria, Córdoba, Mexico.
Speak Up Poster!
Endorsements and support:
Ecuador Poster Bienal, Like for Poster, Graphic Stories Cyprus, Worldwide Graphic Designers, Artesanos Graficos Mexicanos, La Galleria (Museo Virtual de Cartel)

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