Invited to The great journey Creative Suzhou poster Exhibition / China – Usa / 2018

The 2018 “Great Journey, Creative Suzhou” theme poster invitation exhibition was held in Portland after an eight-day exhibition, and it recently closed successfully in Portland City Hall, USA. Next, these works continue to be exhibited in the United States, so that the Soviet style flows in Oregon.
The Suzhou City Government delegation led by Gu Jie, Secretary General of Suzhou Municipal People’s Congress and Mr. Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, USA attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. The Mayor of Portland, USA, Mr. Ted Wheeler, fully affirmed and recognized the poster works exhibited this time. I hope that more similar activities can come to Portland in the future. While conducting international cultural exchanges, more people can feel the charm of the city of Suzhou.
This exhibition attracted many Portland citizens to visit the exhibition, and they were amazed by these creative and passionate poster works. Robert J Fraser, chairman of the Portland Suzhou Sister Cities Association, praised the works of this poster exhibition during the exhibition. He said that the Suzhou culture and Suzhou landmarks on the posters are all representative of the contemporary image of Suzhou. This is an excellent opportunity for Portland citizens to learn about the sister city of Suzhou.
The works of this poster exhibition come from 150 well-known designers in nearly 30 countries and regions around the world, and some excellent works selected from the entries of nearly 6,000 young designers and school students, showing the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up to the city of Suzhou Image change and cultural development.
It is worth mentioning that this invitation exhibition specially set up the theme of “Seek Dream Tree Mountain”, soliciting and designing the tourism image of Suzhou Tree Mountain, and in-depth development of “Tong’an Liangcang” agricultural products and cultural and creative products. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, the Mayor of Portland, USA, Mr. Ted Wheeler was deeply attracted by the theme poster of “Looking for Dream Tree Mountain”, and fully affirmed and recognized the design concept and display form of the poster works, and personally signed Certificate of participation in this poster exhibition.
Under the guidance of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, this event was organized by the Suzhou Municipal Committee of the CPC ’s Foreign Affairs Office, the Communist Youth League Suzhou Municipal Committee, and the Suzhou Daily Newspaper Group. It was undertaken by the “i Suzhou” publicity platform and the Suzhou Graphic Designers Association. , Co-organized by Suzhou Studio Suzhou, Tongan Government of Suzhou High-tech Zone, Suzhou Xinhao Agricultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and Gravity News Client.

Exhibitor List

Adrian Lis (Romania) Agnieszka_Ziemiszewska (Poland)
Arafat Al-Naim (UAE) Behnam Raeesian (Iran) Byoung-il_Sun (South Korea) Ceren Caliskan (Turkey) Chikako Oguma (Japan) Dania Manefra (Italy) Ecuador_Christopher Scott (Ecuador) Emanuel_Barbosa (Portugal) Erendida_Mancilla (Mexico) Eric Olivares (Mexico) -Spain) Erin Wright (USA) Francesco_Mazzenga_Genius (Italy)
Gitte Kath (Denmark) Gyula Molnár (Hungary)
Hamid Nejati (Iran) Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi (Iran) Elham Khodabandeh (Iran) Irwan Harnoko (Indonesia) Istvan Horkay (Hungary) Jay Lim (Malaysia) John Gravdahl (United States) Kyung-Jin Han (South Korea) Lida-minho (Iran) Luis Yañez (Mexico)
Mansok Hwang (South Korea) Mario Fuentes (Ecuador)
Mi Jung Lee (South Korea) Mina_Nasliyani (Iran) Mohammad Afshar (Iran) Mónica_Acosta (Ecuador)
Muhammad Saleem (Thailand) Naser Nasiri (Iran) Olivares_Eric (Mexico-Spain) Patrycja_Longawa (Poland) Pepo Almonte Spirit (Mexico) Reza_Zavvari (Iran) Rikke_Hanse (Denmark) Rikke_Hansen (Denmark) Sabina Oberholzer & Renato Tagli (Switzerland)

Cao Fang Cao Ruping Chen Hong Chen Xiuzhen (Taiwan China) Chen Yuanchuan Chen Yumin (Taiwan China) Chen Joseph Du Huanhuan Duan Shenghua Feng Zhongqiang Gu Liqun Hao Junjun Hong Xi Xu Hu Faxiang (Taiwan China) Hu Hongwei Hu Zhicai Huo Kai Jiang Hua Jiang Yuntao Lei Zhizhong Li Zhaosheng Li Haiping Li Mingli Qiang Li Xiaohai Li Zhenyu Li Zhiming, Li Zhongyang, Lian Jiahui (Taiwan, China), Lin Hongzhang (Taiwan, China), Leo Lin (Taiwan, China), Liao Bofeng, Liu Ben, Liu Liwei, Liu Peng, Liu Shaoyong, Liu Xuequan, Liu Yongqing, Lu Jianfei, Lu Qiang, Luo Shibao, Lu Cheng, Jiang Zhusong, Ma Yue Hong Lei Mo Junhua Pan Jing Pan Juan Pang Lei Peng Jun Qi Xinglong Qin Yao Sha Feng She Xing Shi Linghong (Taiwan, China) Shi Ting Jin Shicheng Shi Chunsheng (South Korea) Shi Qixin Song Weiwei Su Huimin Tang Sheng Tang Weiming Tao Rantian Dong Tuya Wang Weishan Wang Anxia Wang Bin Wang Jinlei Wang Jinhua Wang Jingyan Wang Kun Wang Tongwu Wang Yansheng Wang Yong Wu Zhonghao Xiang Zhengtian Xiao Jing Xie Jinye Xie Xin Xu Baojuan Xu Wei Xue Bingyan Yan Hao Yue Yan Rushan Yang Ting

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