The International Section of Kermanshah Earthquake call and exhibition / Iran / 2018

The Kermanshah Earthquake International Art Exhibition was held at the Idea Gallery with works by artists from 11 countries, and the winners of the competitive section of the art event were announced.

According to Idea Public Relations, the international exhibition “Kermanshah Earthquake Art Works” is currently being held at Idea Gallery; The art event was called by the Idea Art Institute last winter in the section of photos, posters and illustrations, and on Friday, April 6, the selected works of this event were exhibited in the new exhibition space of Idea Gallery.
In this exhibition, 41 works out of 50 participating works and more than one hundred works sent in the competition section of this event, which were composed of members of the jury consisting of Abbas Mashhadizadeh, Behzad Shishegaran, Arash Sultan Ali, Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi, Nasser Nasiri, Onish Amin Elahi And Omid Shalmani has been selected and exposed to the public and published in the book of this exhibition.
In this exhibition, 3 works in the illustration section, 30 works in the graphics section and 8 works in the photography section of artists such as Bahareh Darreh Shouri, Siamak Namvar, Farnaz Nasirpour, Mona Vafabakhsh, Ehsan Hajili, Dariush Wares, Razieh Gheidarloo, Zahra Karami, Atefeh Bayajian, Ali Modiri, Fatemeh Naseh, Mani Asgari, Mahsa Durandish, Mahsa Akbari, Zohreh Salimi, Reyhaneh Timaji, Reza Ali Abuzar, Shahrzad Kalantari, Atefeh Nezami, Fatemeh Toosani, Masoud Saffari, Mahsa Omidi, Navid Nourifar Mohammad Saeed Sajjadi, Maryam Zamani, Mojgan Shokri and Fatemeh Turkman are on display.
In the international section, 15 posters by artists from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, South Korea, China, Mexico, Ecuador, Indonesia, the UAE and Ukraine are on display.
In another part of the event, a poster workshop was held in January under the supervision of Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi and with the idea of ​​finding an idea, organizing an image and performing a poster on the subject of the Kermanshah earthquake, among which the works produced in this workshop by 11 artists, Mona Vafabakhsh, Narges Shoghian, Mahsa Akbari, Reyhaneh Timaji, Nafiseh Mousavi, Fatemeh Torani, Atefeh Nezami, Ehsan Hajili, Mahsa Durandish, Zohreh Saniei and Razieh Ahmadi have entered the Kermanshah Earthquake Art Exhibition.
In this event, which has been held in a competitive manner, in the photography section, however, the works of Bahareh Darreh-e-Shouri, the mosque and the lights and the face and cracks of the wall and the wall of Siamak Namvar’s works won the first and third ranks, respectively. Also in the graphic section, second place went to Farnaz Nasirpour for her work “Rice Bread”. Mona Wafa Bakhsh won the third place in this event for the subject of “Oil Lights”, but according to the judgment of the jury, the first place in this section was not chosen.
The winners of this artistic event were introduced in the presence of Majid Rajabi, the deputy director of the Artists’ House, Abbas Mashhadizadeh, Behzad Shishegaran, Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi, Nasser Nasiri, Arash Sultan Ali, Onish Amin Elahi and Omid Shalmani.
Arash Sultan Ali, director of Idea Gallery and a member of the jury of the Kermanshah Earthquake Art Exhibition, said: “In order to promote altruism and social and human issues, and basically the presence of art in society, this call was published by Idea Gallery because we believe that Art and artists can help to reform the cultural patterns of society. Therefore, this call was published internationally, which was welcomed by a large number of prominent artists from different countries.
He called the audience’s reception of this exhibition remarkable and said: “In addition to professors and prominent cultural and artistic figures, we also saw the presence of a group of residents of Kermanshah on the opening day, which shows the importance of this event and artists’ sympathy with the people.”
It is worth mentioning that the secretary of the international section of this event was Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi.

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