The International Section of Self-sacrifice (Firefighters) call and exhibition / Iran / 2017

Who are our children’s heroes? What role do heroes play in our lives and in the lives of our children? Which heroes bring media, movies, cartoons, computer games and the Internet to our souls and minds?
In response to these questions, Idea Art School intends to hold the second exhibition and competition of works of art by heroes called “Sacrifice” as a memorial to the dedicated firefighters in the Plasco building accident.
Objectives and Approaches:
Celebrating the sacrificial firefighters who lost their lives in the fire at the Plasco building.
Creating real, valuable and efficient heroes in children’s lives
Celebrate and encourage the community to support these heroes
Efforts to preserve the life of human values ​​in today’s modern life

Exhibition theme:
They walked under the flames of a strong and proud fire and headed for the light road under the rubble of the building.
The exhibition includes the international section, the competition section and the honorary section for professors.
Exhibition Calendar:
Deadline for submitting works is March 1st

Announcing the results of the works selected for the exhibition on March 6th

Exhibition date and announcement of the winners on May 1st


Arash Sultan Ali
Onish Aminelahi
Pejman Rahimizadeh
Kamal Tabatabai
Omid Shalmani

Secretary of the International Section: Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi

Selected Awards:
Golden statue and plaque of appreciation and a continuous one-year professional training course at Idea School worth 8 million Tomans
Also, all the works received by the exhibition will be published in the form of a book and will be donated to the exhibitors.

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