The Red Ribbon Poster Festival / Iran / 2016

The exhibition section of the first International Festival of Red Ribbon Posters will open at Mellat Gallery Cinema Campus. The exhibition of the International Red Ribbon Poster Festival will open on Sunday, June 7, at 6:00 PM at Mellat Gallery Cinema Campus. The festival has been working in three sections: workshop, domestic competition and international guests since February of last year, receiving more than 600 works from the Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, France, USA, Greece, Mexico, Italy, South Korea. Russia, China, Ecuador, Iraq, Switzerland, Kyrgyzstan and Iran have all started working.

Alexandra Faldin (Russia), Michael Iva (USA), Beung Il Sung (South Korea), Elmer Sosa (Mexico), Christopher Scott (Ecuador), Onish Amin Elahi (Iran) and Mohammad Ardalani (Iran) will be selected for the event. ) And also with the Secretary of the International Section of the Festival by Hossein Mohammadi Vahidi in the Graphic Technical Section and in the Scientific Section of the United Nations Joint Program on AIDS UNAIDS, Ministry of Health and Medical Education of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shahriar Parseh is an active artist in the field of HIV / AIDS and a group of people who live with the HIV virus in some way. They chose works to attend the exhibition.

Iranian designers selected for the exhibition include Ahmad Allah Yari, Ali Salehi Ziarani, Ali Shojaei, Alireza Nosrati, Amin Watani, Amir Entesari, Amir Rezaei Hesari, Azam Dolatkhahi, Davood Ghorouchaei, Elnaz Hamidi, Erfan Gholami, Farhad Zamani, Farid Nami, Farzad Saeedi, Fatemeh Shah Kolahy, Forough Yazdanpanah, Hamideh Masoumi, Hamideh Teymouri, Hamid Nasr, Hamid Reza Ghadimi, Hesam Beyk Mohammadi, Hossein Abdi, Iman Yazdanpajooh, Kazem Bakai, Khashayar Teymouri, Kamil Beyk Mohammadi, Mahan Ghazanfari, Mah Monir Shirazi, Mohammad Ahmad Abdi, Mahtab Kazemi, Mansoureh Ansari, Marzieh Raziei, Meqdad Shir Ali, Mehdi Javadpour, Mehdi Kaf Ash, Mohadeseh Maleki, Mohammad Mutawal, Mohammad Reza Hafezi, Mohsen Heidari, Mokhtar Rahmani, Narges Ghomian, Nasrin Sakhaei, Nastaran Shivaei, Navid Saleh Fekr, Navid Achgan, Ramin Abdi, Reyhaneh Alaei, Rajin Mohebieh, Saeedeh Dabaghian, Sahar Sardeim Salimi, Samira Bakhshi, Sara Rashidian, Shafiq Khanbani, Shirin Nouri, Sina Sarmadi, Soraya Shariat, Vali Mohebbi and Zakia Shadlou.

The international section also features works by prominent artists such as Finn Nigard, Armando Milani, Peter Banco, Wu Zhongquo, Francisco Mazanga, Lech Mayofsky, Feng Shaw, Lewis Yans, Lee La Scanawi, Sabrina Oberhalser and Renta Tagli. It is worth mentioning that a ceremony will be held to introduce the winners of this festival and unveil its statue on Wednesday evening, June 10th. It is worth mentioning that on the sidelines of this exhibition, times will be announced for the other two ceremonies, which were the celebration of awarding prizes and the unveiling of the book of the festival.

Those interested in visiting this exhibition can visit the Mellat Gallery Cinema Campus located in Tehran, Vali Asr St., Niayesh Highway, in front of Kurdistan Highway, every day from 14:00 to 22:00 until 23 June.

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